Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Party Freud"?

Party Freud is a comedic card game for people who probably need therapy. (Ahem, everyone!) Players take turns "treating" one other's made up "ailments" with our fake advice cards. Plus, hilarious prompts such as Symptom Charades, Diagnose a Friend, Rapid Response, and Head Talk keep the game extra lively.   

When can I buy the game?

Soon! We launched via Kickstarter in 2021 and are currently in production overseas. Once we have a better idea of when the games will arrive, we will notify you through our mailing list

I supported Party Freud via Kickstarter. When will my game be shipped?

Thank you for being an original backer! Your contribution was integral in making this whole world possible. Our manufacturer is hard at work producing our first batch of games now, and we've been told our shipment is likely to be delayed due to the continued international container shortage. As soon as we know when our crates will arrive, we will pass that information along to you. Thank you for your patience. We're very, very grateful. 


Is Party Freud a replacement for real talk therapy?

Heck no! Party Freud is a game written by comedy writers, not real therapists. We are huge fans of actual talk therapy though! We've compiled a list of recommended resources to help you find a good and affordable therapist if you're seeking mental health support. (Ahem, we've been there!) You can find that list online here and we're always updating it.

What else do you all have planned?

Hoo-boy. Lots of fun stuff. Sign up today for PARTY FREUD LIVING to stay in the know about upcoming releases, links to things that are making us laugh, what we're enjoying, and so on and so forth. You can cancel at anytime, but we think you'll really love it.

Still have questions? Contact us at Thank you!