We think everyone should be able to give someone a special and affordable gift to make them laugh.

And by affordable, we mean free. 

While we all would love an abundance of perfection in our lives, sometimes money is tight and it's hard to buy our loved ones presents. Right now, many people are in a bind financially and can't afford everything they and the people they care for need. (Captain obvious statement, I know. ) We want to acknowledge the people who have to hustle too hard for not enough money.


If you happen to have extra $5 to spend, you can add the PDF of the Original Main Game to your cart online. We will then in turn 1) donate the 100% of funds raised from that $5 PDF to mental health charities and workers rights organizations and 2) immediately email you the aforementioned PDF game so you can start playing it now or immediately whenever you print it out. Fun origami inspired box print out included.


We are grateful for you and everyone who has ever made this country and world a pretty good place to be pretty often. We'll keep figuring out how we can help make some stuff with our brand (and life!) free and fun and for everyone through keeping in touch. Learning as we go. SO. If you can't afford the $5 PDF just email us at with the subject, "FUN SHOULD BE FREE" and we will reply within 24 hours with the downloadable PDF for free because you totally should play it with your loved ones (and enemies) this holiday season if you want. Cutting it up isn't that hard. It could be a fun crafty "game" of sorts, too!

Thank you helping us with experiments like these. WOW, thank you. We'll wrap this up now. Our screens need to be put away. I need to go find some leftovers. Thanks again for being a cool human and in it for this funny, serious, hard, yet joyful stuff. THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!!!! Bye. For real! Enjoy your day! - Susie, Creator of PARTY FREUD


Freud cover portrait by Austin Call, 2021.


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