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Give the gift of funny therapy with PARTY FREUD! 

Print this PDF download now (or whenever!) and cut up the squares and start playing PARTY FREUD ORIGINAL MAIN GAME - MINI PDF PRINTABLE VERSION today. It comes with a beautiful printable origami inspired box, too. Rejoice! Be glad. Save money. Do super easy crafts. Kick up your feet. Well done. 

PARTY FREUD is a game for people who probably need therapy. (Ahem, everyone!) 

The proceeds of this PDF go to a good cause, but that's not the only luxurious fact about this remarkable digital file.  To our fellow flight havers/long distance travelers, this is the printable gift of your affordable family/White Elephant/co-worker/Secret Santa gift exchanges of dreams. Light pieces of paper are easier to pack and carry to holiday gatherings with loved ones, friends, enemies and offices alike.

Fine Print: Upon ordering this item you will receive a downloadable link for the PARTY FREUD ORIGINAL MAIN GAME - MINI PDF PRINTABLE VERSION in your email confirmation including fancy foldable box print out. 

Pro tip? Cut up the mini printable version and you could also put it inside a cute little tin or matchbox to put on your coffee table or desk to bring some light-hearted laughter to wherever you are! 

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